Hello Beautiful People! My name is Mariah. I created this brand to remind each and every one of you how exceptionally unique you are! My goal is to provide a product that discourages self doubt and shouts that you are worthy! Inspired by all of the remarkable people I have met throughout the years. I hope that this brand serves as a constant reminder to embrace who you are, unapologetically!

Uniquely Made

Embrace your individuality. From the texture of your hair to the awkwardly placed birth mark only you know about. You were uniquely created. Love yourself, flaws and all, because you are BEAUTIFUL.

Undeniably Worthy

YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are worthy of love, respect and everything your heart desires. You are worthy of peace, happiness and a break every once in awhile! Don't let anybody steal your joy, be bold and thrive.

Unapologetically Me

Never apologize for living life on your terms. Being unapologetic isn't an excuse to be a bad person. It is an expression used to encourage self expression. Dye your hair purple, love who you want, chase your dream job; UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

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