28 Lessons Learned

I have lived a remarkable 28 years of life so far and I wanted to share some of the lessons I have learned along the way! 

  1. You’re never too old for a hug from mom and dad. That embrace can make the darkest room shine as bright as a spotlight on Broadway. 
  2. Vulnerability and emotions are a sign of strength. It takes a strong person to reveal their true selves to a judgmental world. 
  3. Motherhood is an experience. There is no book, tv show or blog post that can prepare you for it. Motherhood is beautiful but can be scary, lonely and full of surprises.
  4. Does anybody remember the rumor that Barney was hypnotizing children? Well I am convinced that Tik Tok is the modern day Barney and is using that same hypnotizing technology! 
  5. Your 18 year old body will DISAPPEAR! After a certain age your body is NEVER going to look like it did in high school. I have learned first hand, two kids and too many cinnamon rolls later! A six pack and thigh gap are a lost cause but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the stretch marks and loose skin. Aim for living your healthiest life because you’re beautiful no matter the scars. 
  6. Cocomelon, YouTube Kids, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are literal lifesavers! Judge if you want, but mama needs a break. 
  7. Trying to heal from emotional and mental trauma when your triggers have a constant presence in your life is extremely difficult, if not impossible. I applaud those that are fighting through their trauma on a path to healing. 
  8. Starting a business from the ground up with zero experience is rewarding, yet extremely challenging. Especially when you’re pregnant with a toddler. My website has been live for four months and I have had several successes and many failures. Learning as I grow and enjoying the journey. 
  9. Prioritizing your own wants and needs is not selfish.
  10. Teach your children compassion and empathy because this world could use a lot more humans loving thy neighbors. 
  11. Let go of expectations because reality can exceed them in ways we never expected. 
  12. That Tik Tok trend that says if your first child is a girl you needed to mature and if your first child is a boy you needed to learn what it truly means to be loved, is true! Before my boys I never thought I was worthy of true love. I always thought that love was fleeting because a person can love you and then hurt you or leave you. But my boys have shown me the true definition of unconditional love and now I know I am more than worthy of love. 
  13. Your young kids won’t remember the trips you take them on, the gifts you give them or the parties you throw them, but you will. It’s ok to create memories for yourself. 
  14. Take pictures and videos because you can’t remember every moment, but you can capture the most important ones. 
  15. Sorry but…spaghettio’s, top ramen, pork and beans, and all of your childhood favorites will never taste the same! Your taste buds have simply leveled up lol. 
  16. Social media can be a place of power and influence, but it can also drain you mentally.
  17. Never assume that you know another person’s story. No matter what social media or the mass media displays everybody has something deeper going on behind the mask of a telephone or TV screen. 
  18. Healthy relationships are HARD and true love is real. 
  19. Laughing is contagious! Don’t be afraid to tell the same story you’ve told three too many times if you know it will fill the room with hyena type laughter. 
  20. Crying when your babies cry is normal. Hell, I encourage it because a good cry never hurt nobody.  
  21. Championships (great successes) are earned! Most people only see the final results, the wins and loses. But let me tell you, watching someone accomplish his or her dreams. Watching the painful therapy sessions and brutal workouts result in the ultimate accomplishment is mind blowing. It may have been Bucks in Six, but it took so much more than six games to win it all. I am so proud of you Giannis! (I just had to sneak that in)
  22. Praise others! When your best friend finds a hobby that fills her soul, when your sister kicks ass in her final year of school, when your coworker earns that promotion. Celebrate other people’s success no matter how big or small!
  23. Music is free therapy. Silence your mind and listen to the lyrics of your favorite songs, you never know what they might be telling you! Side note; actual therapy is extremely beneficial too, I strongly recommend it
  24. Embrace who you are, flaws and all! 
  25. Anxiety is REAL! Trauma is real! Depression is real! Mental health is real. Listen when your loved ones tell you they’re not ok, speak up when you notice something is off, because you could be that little bit of hope they need.
  26. Change is okay, it is welcomed. Never get comfortable with the daily routine that you have made for yourself. Pick up something new or add a hobby. You will never know what else life has to offer you if you never go out and try.
  27. Pain is temporary, if you want it to be. 
  28. Happiness comes from YOU. You can’t rely on your partner, family, friends, children, coworkers, or anybody in your life to create happiness for you! Get out of bed, look in the mirror and smile, because tomorrow is not guaranteed and getting out of bed is the first step to a better today! 

Always remember to be unapologetically you because you are uniquely made and undeniably worthy! 

Sincerely, Mariah